The all-in-one application against COVID 19.


DiagnoseMe has captured the attention of several juries in international competitions.

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At the international Hackathon organized by the WUHAN2020 community in march 2020: only 2 African teams of 56 contestants from 33 countries took part in the international competition.
DiagnoseMe from Burkina Faso was classed in the top 12.

1st prize Innov’Challenge COVID19

Following a webinar held on the theme : «Initiatives of digital, innovating platforms to slow down the spreading of Covid19 in Burkina Faso, evaluation and harmonizing strategies for the most efficient ways», a request for propositions was launched by the government to be able to select the best innovative solutions that will be complementary to the actions and digital initiatives undertaken by the Ministry of Health.


Until now, one of the most efficient ways to face an epidemic is to stop it from spreading. The goal of the application DiagnoseMe is to provide in one click access to several actions that combat COVID-19 which are essentially: the identification, the geo-localization, assistance and fast support, exact information and prevention. All this while permitting epidemic surveillance in real time on connected screens, using a mechanism that includes the entire population (adults, youngsters, visually or auditory impaired, etc...).

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Quick Test

This test permits to evaluate the symptoms and to get in contact with a member of the medical staff for a better diagnose and to take, in case of need, fast measures.

Take action immediately

Thanks to a continuously updated identification system, following up patients from a distance and doing a first sorting out in priorities is made possible and permits handling emergency situations.

Support & Assistance

Thanks to tele-consulting, health professionals can interpret the signs and symptoms of the users through instant messaging.

Prevention and Tele Awareness

All the essential actions in the battle against the epidemic are integrated in the application : exact information, awareness campaign and web TV and radio.


Epidemic Surveillance

Thanks to the alerting notifications and the geo-localization of suspected cases, decisive decision making is fast and the risk of spreading of the virus is diminished.


Stay informed of any new request and demand for assistance in real time with the possibility of teleconsulting with the requestor by a phone call or instant messaging.


Follow up in real time the evolution of and statistics on the pandemic.


Preparation and handling of the samples thanks to an anonymous system and labeling with the possibility of already consulting the results in the laboratory.


The cartographic monitoring in real time of the epidemic data, the different cases, the zones at risk are all possible.

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Our Partners

The ministry of Digital Economy has organized in collaboration with the ministry of health, a competition named « Innov Challenge »Covid-19. The practical organisation and the follow up were done by technical servants of the two minsteries, assisted by the UNDP. On a total of 64 projects, DiagnoseMe was the preferred 1 st prize winner.

Government - Burkina Faso

Created in 2011, SANTÉ EN ENTREPRISE (SEE) is a non profit organisation whose mission is to promote health and well being in the French work environment and abroad, specifically Africa, the Caribean and the Indian Ocean. Moreover, SEE assures on behalf of the Conseil français for the Investors of Africa (CIAN), the operational guiding of the program of Santé Enterprise Afrique (SEA).

SEE - International

The Business Initiative for Global Health (B4GH) (Organisation for world health) envisions to bring together private European partners that wish to accelerate the battle against illnesses, to take on challenges and reduce the inequality in health matters in Africa and South Asia.

B4GH - Business for Global Health

YUP is an electronic wallet, 100% easy to use and secured by the SGBF. It permits to dematerialize the money flows in offering the following services :deposits, retrievals, money transfer, paying the bills of CANAL+, SONABEL, ONEA, money upload, salary payments, mobile money

YUP - Burkina

FASO CIVIC is an association based in Burkina Faso that strives for the communal development and the well being of the citizins. They are active in research and development of inclusive projects in all sectors that include durable development.

FASO CIVIC - Association

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Our team

The team exists of several professionals, experts in diverse skills which are complementary and fitting to the specific application DiagnoseMe.

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Dr Faïssal NIKIEMA

General practioner
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Electrical Engineer
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Civil Engineer
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Back-End Programmer
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Back-end Programmer
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Ibrahim TRAORE

Full Stack Programmer


Mobile App

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The free mobile application allows users to access the rapid symptom assessment test in one click for rapid treatment. It also provides access to all information on the Covid-19.

Monitoring screen

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The monitoring interface for healthcare professionals allows real-time monitoring and management of requests from the mobile application. A user license is required to access the platform. It is also accessible through Mobile devices.

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The application DiagnoseMe has as objectif to provide in one clic access to several actions in the battle against COVID-19. Actions which are identification, geolocalization, assistance and fast action taken, exact information, and prevention, while keeping an overlook on the epidemic in real time on connected screens.
It is very simple : it suffises to download the application for free and follow the instructions. Your answers will be transmitted per text or per internet to health officers that will analyse in real time as to be able to take charge if needed.
The only way to detect the Covid19 virus is by taking a test. DiagnoseMe permits to evaluate your symptoms and your risk level from a distance, and permits to have fast medical action taken when needed.
The access to the platforms on the internet and mobile requires an authentification code. The mobile application, meant for the population, once installed, uses the telephone number as identification. The web platform of surveillance gives access to the dashboard, accessible from remote, is designed for health authorities that have a user license.

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